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Dear Self With Love Studio is run by Jenna Knapp, a Milwaukee-based artist and space holder.  Knapp merges her passion for art and space holding within this project. The studio is inspired by a pop-up letter writing workshop Knapp hosted in 2018 where she invited participants to write letters to their future selves. Guests sat down and wrote to their 2019 self and the signed, sealed and deposited their letter into a hand-made mailbox with their return address on it. 

When 2019 came the letters were sent back to the participants. The responses Knapp received about participants experiences participating in this project was inspiring. For some, writing the letter alone completely shifted everything because it got them to think outside of the box they had been limiting themselves to. And for others, receiving a letter from their past self put so much into perspective about how they experience time, their goals, relationships and accomplishments. 

The concept of building this sort of bridge for folks, inviting them to connect with their inner (and future) selves is cherished by Knapp and is woven into each part of the studio. Whether you're needing a reminder of self-love on your water bottle, diving deep into a planner, writing future you a letter at a workshop or at home with a kit - it is our hope that participants can tap into a sense of possibility, hope and most importantly self-love. 

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More About The Artist! 

Knapp lives in Milwaukee with her partner and two cats. Knapp graduated from Milwaukee Institutue of Art & Design in2014 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and later studiedthe subconscious mind in practitioner, master practitioner andtraining level programs focusing on Neuro-Linguistic Programming,Emotional Freedom Technique, timeline exploration, hypnosis andlife coaching. Knapp is the recipient of the Mary L. Nohl Fellowship forEmerging Artists, has been a guest at international multidisciplinaryresidency programs in Amsterdam and London and exhibited locallyand nationally.

You can check out more of her work at and followalong on social media at @itsjennaknapp and @dearself__withlove
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